The Wares


The Pot Spot has 2 ranges for children. One is embossed, using sprigs made from a variety of objects ranging from original 1960s plastic animals (the hidden treasure buried in lumo-orange Safari ice lollies), buttons and plastic miniatures from childrens’ toy chests. They were created as a local, more affordable alternative to Wedgewood’s legendary Bunnikins range. There is a wide range of wee beasts available, from penguins to Pikachu. The other range is a bolder and brighter range of paper stencil cut out images. All are made from white-firing porcelainous stoneware and suitable for gentle re-heating in the microwave and is dishwasher-safe.


The Pot Spot loves the home! Our work is strongly focussed on durable ceramics for daily domestic use. We make everything that we can imagine that a home may need, and can make most round objects (size permitting) on order for the things that others may have thought of but we don’t have. We like simple, classic shapes that are strongly function-driven rather than decorative, and soft-coloured, durable glazes that can endure carefree daily use. Some categories that come to mind are:

Teatime – The Pot Spot makes teapots in a number of shapes, with milk jugs, sugar pots, cups and saucers to buy individually or as a set. We do cups in almost every size.

The Dinner Table – The Pot Spot has 4 styles of dinner sets which include dinner and side plates, soup/pasta bowls, and desert/bre-coloured blacakfast bowls. Plus serving bowls, occasional or to match.

The Kitchen – We make cutlery holders, old-fashioned pudding basins, mixing bowls.


As we work with clay, not slip (liquid clay used for moulded ceramic manufacture) and fire high enough for the clay to vitrefy (become glassy and impermeable), at the Pot Spot we have a range of wares that combine the rougher texture of exposed clay with the gloss of glaze to create contrasts of colour and texture as well as reveal the actual clay body. We work predominantly with 3 colours in this range, natural white stoneware which ranges in colour from oatmeal to beach sand, red terracotta-coloured stoneware, and a rich, dark chocolate-coloured black clay, using contrasting glaze colours.

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